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Welcome to my official home page
Hallo to you!! First of all ad like to take time to thank you for taking your time to check out my website. My name is Antonio Thompson and I am an artist. In this site, you will see some of the art that I have drawn.

These drawings are drawn on a computer using the microsoft Paint program and as most of u know or will know, it's kinda hard to draw using that program. The first drawing on this page is a titled BLUNTMAN. As you will later on see on this site, most of the drawings are mostly from the neck upwards but you will find some drawings to be complete.

This site was created on the 18/03.I do hope you have a nice time viewing my pictures!!.

Though av been drawing for quite awhile, I do not take it really seriously and mostly I only draw when am frustrated or concerned about something.I began drawing on paper since the age of six years The reason being why I converted to drawing on computer is that I can correct or edit the drawing much quicker and also the filling and colouring is much faster. The only hard part I see may be when dragging the mouse to actually make your first online of the drawing coz that believe me,takes alot of patience!!.
To navigate this site, on your left you will see icons linking to other pages on my site. The most interesting will be the drawings link coz there is where all the drawings gone be on display.

So don't hesitate to left click on any icon cause there is more for yoll to see!!! see!

I would really like to get some of your comments or views regarding my drawings, any comment or criticism will be taken with the utermost patience practiced by a normal being so,email to me and you know, I'll mail back to yah!!
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Wildout wid da pants down low
This here is a cool drawing of a brother just having some quality time out for himself. If you take a closer look,you will see that he is not necesarily doing what you think he is doing. This guy is just thinking of what his next move is or should I say he is thinking about what he's gone do when he gets outa there!!!
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